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Established over 150 years ago Bower and Child has its roots as suppliers and installers of fireplaces and cast.

Horse and cart 1870

Open For Business

Established over 150 years ago, Bower and Child has its roots as suppliers and installers of fireplaces and cast iron kitchen ranges for Huddersfield and the surrounding villages.

Bower and Child store front cica 1870 1870

Iron Mongers

Bower & Child started as iron mongers making their own cast iron range cookers.

Florence Nightingale 1880

Esse - A Unique Client List

Florence Nightingale was passionate about Esse cookers and would use no other brand at her hospital in Balaclava.

British explorers, Shackleton and Scott relied on Esse cookers on their expeditions in some of the world’s coldest and most inhospitable places.

Worman in kitchen cica 1890 1890

Built To Last

An early Esse range with additional hob and oven. The one shown above would have suited a large Victorian family with a small number of servants. Small ones with open grates, the early Esse and Belle ranges, are often found in architectural reclamation yards.

Open Oven 1904

Early Gas Stoves

Windsor produced some of the first commercial gas stoves. These two cookers featured in Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, published in 1904.

Pantent, drawing of first induction cooker 1909

The Induction Cooker was born

An early induction cooker patent from 1909.

Dr Gustaf Dalén 1922

World’s First Heat Storage Cooker

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr Gustaf Dalén invented the worlds first heat-storage cooker. After a failed experiment cost him his sight, he was confined to his home and became inspired to create a better, more efficient cooker.

Worman using oven cica 1931 1931

Heat Storage Cooker Sales Soar

In 1931 a total of 322 AGA cookers were bought, with sales soaring to 1,705 just 12 months later. In addition to this, over 50 fireplaces would be delivered to Bower & Child every Monday morning for distribution around the Huddersfield area that week.

Newspaper Advertisment for Esse oven 1955

Esse Century

An advertising campaign from 1955 advertising the fact that the Esse Century was the the only storage cooker that could burn any solid fuel.

Bower and Child storefront circa 1970 1970

Official AGA, Rayburn and Supplier

Sales, installation and servicing of these cast iron cookers now form the backbone of the business.

First electric cooker 1985

AGA Launches Landmark Model

In 1985 the first electric AGA range cooker was born. The cookers were designed to be vented to a small pipe, then fanned to the outside. This removed the need for a flue on the cooker.

Esse's Woodfired cooker 2006

ESSE launches Carbon Neutral woodfired cooker

The Esse Woodfired cooker is designed for continuous use, being designed to easily be kept alight for long periods. Inside its unique firebox, combustion is so effective that virtually all of the fuel is ‘incinerated’ cleanly, producing maximum heat and minimal ash.

The Woodfired is the cooker of choice for those seeking a carbon neutral alternative fuel, and it is the preferred brand at River Cottage.

Drawing of Mr Bower and Mr Child 2007

Expanded team

The team at Bower and Child is reviewed and more staff are employed. This includes the new position of Showroom Manager, who was later to become GM.

Bower and Child storefront cica 2017 2017

Bower & Child Rebrands

Bower and Child undertakes a re-brand as they branch out to partner with more quality cooker manufacturers. This marks the change from being AGA exclusive and a move to embrace the wider market.

Bower and Child logo 2019

Change of ownership

Bower and Child’s current management buy the company from the retiring owner. Their history with the business for over 14 years will ensure continuity within the company as they look forward to making changes and embrace more modern approaches.

Bower and Child storefront cica 2021 2021

Still independent and family owned

Returning to trading after the pandemic, Bower and Child are made of sterner stuff. Still independent and family owned, we are proud to retain our Victorian values by supplying quality products and providing superb customer service.

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