There are so many reasons why hundreds of thousands of devotes love our range cookers but we’ve come up with our ten top benefits to a range cooker.


A life-long investment

Our modern models provide a timeless style that will fit in with many different decors. They are also constructed to last for decades with a build quality that is unrivalled in competing appliances. Unlike other cookers where you have to buy a new one after your old one packs up, we will service and repair your cooker to as good as new, meaning it is with you a long time. As they are freestanding, if you move home you can bring your cooker with you as part of the furniture.

Cost effective

Being timeless style and freestanding, they can work in any kitchen, meaning if you want a new kitchen you don’t have to get a new cooker to fit in. While the initial cost might be higher, the product will last a lot longer, saving you money in the long run. Also, it’s worth noting whilst a second hand oven might be relatively worthless, a product like a second hand aga range cooker holds a value and if you decide to swap it for another product you could sell it on for a nice amount.

Flexible cooking

Most range cookers come with two ovens, a choice of multiple hob plates and different functions for flexible cooking. What more could you need? Well more space would be great and typically the ovens on range cookers are 20% bigger than an average 60cm built in oven.

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