For some people, starting a fire is almost instinctive, left over from our prehistoric cave man days!

But if the Bear Grills series of The Island has taught us anything, its not as simple as we think and the majority of us wouldn’t even know where to start. Thankfully we are not in the wild and firelighters are widely available. These are our top tips to starting a good fire whilst caring for your product.

1. Prepare your stove

Before you begin, ensure that you clean any remaining ash, soot and debris from the inside of your heating appliance. Then open the Air vents fully, to ensure the fire gets the air supply it needs to establish properly

2.Establish a firebed

Place fire lighters or paper amongst dry kindling wood on the grate along with a small amount of your solid fuel. This is important to create a stable base for the fire to establish. (Kindling is very dry, small pieces of wood and twigs that will catch alight easily.)

3.Light the firebed

Once you have made the fire bed, you can then light the paper or firelighters. Wait for the flames to catch the kindling alight and start burning vigorously.

4.Add larger pieces of solid fuel

Once the solid fuel is burning well, you can start to add some more pieces of solid fuel to create a more stable firebed.

5.Maintain the fire

To ensure you are burning fuel efficiently and gaining the maximum amount of heat from your multi-fuel stove: close the Primary Air vent fully and control the burning rate to the desired level by adjusting the other Controls. Shutting the control reduces the burn rate and lowers the heat output and opening the control increases the burn rate and raises the heat output. If the fire starts to struggle to burn, open the air controls until it has established again. If your appliance has an adjustable secondary air control close this fully when burning solid fuels.


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