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Why You Should Consider An AGA Refurbishment

Agas are built to last, our oldest running Aga we service is 68 years old! So instead of buying a new one when you’re bored of the colour or there are a few chips and scratches, consider refurbishing your existing one. It is much cheaper to refurbish your current Aga rather than buying a new one.

purple aga with refurbishment annotations

The Advantages

There are many advantages of refurbishing your instead of choosing a brand new one. Here are just a few:

  • Cheaper than buying new.
  • Choose from 36 different standard AGA colours.
  • We offer a service that can match your cooker to any RAL colour of your choice, so you can fully coordinate your kitchen.
  • You won’t even realise it’s the same cooker!
  • By topping up insulation and replacing the door liners your Aga will be well maintained.
  • Additionally, when refurbishing an Aga our experienced engineers will also service it.


colour samples for aga re-enameling service

The Process

Firstly we send one of our engineers for a free site visit. This is to find out more information about the Aga such as the model ensuring we have all the information we need for the refurbishment.

Once we have all the details and confirm what you would like doing to your Aga we ask for a 50% deposit to confirm the order as enamel and colors are very unique to the customer.

After order confirmation, we book a provisional date and send off the cast iron to be shot blasted to remove old enamel then have the cast iron re-enamelled.

After we receive the enamel we will call you to confirm we are all set for the appointment.

On the day of your appointment, we come to strip the Aga down to the engine and replace it with newly enameled castings, door liners, lids, and whatever else you may have chosen. Lastly, we take away your old enamel with us, so that everything is done on the same day.

Next Steps

If you have decided you would like to go ahead with refurbishing your Aga these are the next steps to agree upon and take:

  • Would you like the full Aga refurbishing or just the front or top doing?
  • Do you want to change the colour of your Aga or keep it the same?
  • If you are changing the colour of your Aga what colour do you want?
  • Call us to discuss the details about your Aga and what you would like to be done.


cream aga inside frame


blue aga inside frame